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Caring Attorney Helping With Child Custody Cases in San Diego

Women and Child
Some of the toughest challenges to deal with in divorce cases are issues relating to your precious children. Here at Peter S. Aex, Attorney at Law, we strive to make this process more manageable for clients and their families. If you need a child custody attorney in San Diego to assist you in your divorce negotiation or settlement, we may be able to help. We have more than 35 years of experience as a child custody lawyer and child support attorney. Our office may help you navigate the laws with a trusted child support lawyer on your team.

How to Navigate a Dispute

Our office is committed to helping you prepare for a tough legal battle ahead in sole physical or joint custody cases. At the heart of everything, we know that it’s all about what is best for your children, but we know when emotions are high and children are involved, the dispute can get messy.

Mediation and Support Issues

One of the most important outcomes of a child custody case is the issue of child support. After a marriage has ended, it’s essential that the children continue to get what they need. The court or mediation team must calculate the amount needed so your children have food, clothing and a good place to live.

Enforcing Agreements

We can also provide assistance if you need a modification in your child support payment or to enforce an order. When judges and mediators calculate the payment amount, life’s circumstances may change over time.

Let Us Fight for Your Child’s Well-Being

Cases involving children can be stressful, but our clients can trust that we’ll strive to obtain the best outcome for all. When you need a restraining order or a change to your child custody agreement in San Diego, consult with us. Contact us today at 858-292-9774.