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Skilled San Diego Lawyer Helping Create Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial Agreements
An upcoming marriage can be a time to be joyful and celebrate, but you should also be aware of the legal consequences of a union with another person. At the office of Peter S. Aex, Attorney at Law, we recommend our clients think about ways to protect assets before walking down the aisle. You may need the services of a prenuptial agreement lawyer to help you understand the legal ramifications of divorce and property laws in San Diego. A prenuptial attorney is a skilled legal professional who can advise you about keeping both parties protected. With a prenuptial agreement attorney working for you, you can simply focus on making plans for an incredible wedding and happy life together with your future spouse.

Protect Your Assets

After you are engaged and set a date for your big celebration, you should next think about a prenuptial agreement. Here are some possible scenarios where a prenuptial may be a good choice for the future husband and wife:
  • Business owners – If either party owns a company, a prenuptial could help eliminate the need to sell if there is a split
  • Second marriages – If this is the second marriage for either person, it may be wise to make an agreement to protect assets
  • Homeowners – Real estate purchased before the relationship can be excluded from the community property laws
  • Wealthy individuals – When one person has a significant number of assets, a premarital agreement could help prevent problems in the future
  • Someone planning to relocate – The complicated problems associated with moving to a different state may be avoided if a prenuptial is drawn up before marriage

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